Congo Transportation System Implementation


Country: Congo

Period: 2015/2016

Funding: ICE

The scope of the work is to prepare a Technical-Economical Feasibility Study to implement the maritime and fluvial transportation system at north of Brazzaville and the railway from Pointe Noire and Brazzaville.

The study will be a first step to develop the north area of the Republic of Congo and to avoid the migration of the population to the south of the Country at Pointe Noire that is saturated of people.

The transportation development of the Country is a part of the strategic agreement between the governments Italian and Congolese in order to allow all the territory of the Congo to grow up in the future and to permit to the people to reach the new university and the new structures (cultural, sportive, etc) that are building around the Brazzaville Area.

Services provided:

  • Technical-Economical Feasibility Study to develop the transport system
  • Analysis of socio-demographic distribution, natural resources and hydrological studies
  • Current infrastructural analysis with its critical points
  • Technical-Economical analysis of the transportation network
  • Evaluation of the cost-benefit analysis